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A.M. Best Report

GuideOne is rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company

GuideOne’s rating has consistently been ranked in the “Excellent” category since the early 1900s. In issuing its 2017 report, A.M. Best cited GuideOne’s strong capitalization, established market presence in its core niche markets and the ongoing efforts by management to improve operating outcome. 

According to Best, “The rating further acknowledges the group’s experienced management team and growing use of sophisticated predictive analytic modeling tools and sustainable competitive advantages due to its prominent position within its niche market, particularly in terms of pricing, claims adjusting and loss control. GuideOne’s positive attributes are derived from its disciplined underwriting approach, conservative investment strategy, long-standing relationships with its agents and strong recognition among the religious community. GuideOne’s excellent reputation, along with its dedicated service capabilities, has enables it to sustain strong market penetration and maintain high policyholder retention rates.”

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