Introducing Virtual Claim Inspections

Livgenic virtual claims inspection

Many things around us are on hold these days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but weather events and accidents are not. Claims can — and do — still happen.

If you do experience a claim, there is a silver lining: We’ve taken steps to further ease and expedite the process — with no physical contact. GuideOne’s new relationship with Livegenic offers the ability to virtually inspect claims for policyholders in all of our core niches.

To help you learn more about Livegenic, here are answers to questions you may have.

What is Livegenic?

Livegenic is a real-time and near-time platform that enables virtual collaboration between carriers and customers on a smartphone or tablet.

How Does this Help Me?

It enables social distancing: Virtual claim inspections eliminate physical contact, which is one less thing to worry about right now.

It’s flexible: You can communicate via video, text messages and email, and you have the option to submit your photos and documents or do a live video collaboration with your adjuster.

It’s quick: Livegenic shortens the claim processing cycle considerably because you don’t have to wait for an adjuster to physically meet you. When a claim is approved, we can issue a check in 1-2 days versus the standard 10-14 days.

What Kinds of Claims Qualify?

Livegenic is best suited for smaller-scale claims, including small interior and exterior losses (door, fence or window damage; minor drywall repair; sign damage; vandalism; etc.), theft losses, water losses (like those affecting 1-2 rooms), fire losses with no or limited structural damage, and vehicle damage that does not impact the structural integrity of the building. For larger-scale claims, including roof damage and significant fire or water damage, traditional claim processing remains the best approach. 

How Do I Report a Claim?

You’ll submit your claim using our claim reporting process, and when you speak to your adjuster, either he or she will confirm whether or not your claim qualifies for Livegenic, or you can ask them for a virtual inspection.

What if I Have More Questions?

Feel free to contact me via email at

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Jim Balzarine

Jim Balzarine

Property Claims Director

Jim is the Property Claims Director at GuideOne Insurance and has over 20 years of Property claim experience working for various carriers in adjusting and leadership roles. He started his GuideOne career as a Field Property Adjuster and a Team Manager before becoming Director of the Property Claim area in 2017. He oversees a countrywide group of Property Claim adjusters and takes pride in his team helping our customers back on their feet after a claim.

When he’s not at work, Jim enjoys fishing, watching all Chicago sports teams and completing home improvement projects.

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