Top Insights on E&S Property from the Global Insurance Symposium

What does the future of insurance look like for carriers, brokers, policyholders and workers?

Rick Cullen, Senior Vice President, Programs and E&S at GuideOne Insurance, moderated a panel discussion at the recent Global Insurance Symposium in Des Moines, Iowa to discuss industry trends, emerging strategies and innovative perspectives within E&S Property. Panelists included Nick Batten, Vice President, E&S Property at GuideOne Insurance, Ryan McCormack, Executive Vice President at RT Specialty, and Paul Summers, Head of Global Facultative at McGill and Partners.

Read or listen below to discover the top insights from their discussion on The Past, Present and Future of E&S Property, including perspectives from E&S Property Underwriting, Wholesale Distribution and Facultative Reinsurance.

1) What strategies can insurers and underwriters adopt to maintain underwriting integrity and profitability in the current environment? Nervous capital markets and unstable global politics require insurers to adopt a nimble and agile response. Listen to Nick Batten’s take on key areas to drive change.

2) How can technology improve underwriting strategies without undermining the human skill needed to evaluate comprehensive risk? Local and global factors contribute to risk management, but preventative measures are important factors to evaluate risk beyond the black and white numbers that a model may produce. Hear more from Nick Batten and Paul Summers.

3) How have loss control strategies changed to include prevention? The best claim is one that’s never made; however, risk management strategies have evolved to include loss control for both the insurance carrier and the insured. Nick and Ryan discuss the emergence of these strategies.

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