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Senior Living Insurance

While you take care of others, we'll take care of business.

Our seniors have spent their lives giving and doing for others — so caring for them when they need you most is an awesome responsibility. We’re grateful for the work you do and we want you to be able to be there for your residents knowing that they’ll be taken care of in any situation.

Property Coverage

Protection that extends beyond the facilities.

Your residents should always have access to the quality care and living conditions they deserve. With our comprehensive coverage, you’ll receive financial protection against a wide range of circumstances, from standard property damage to more industry-specific items and issues that can occur with care facilities, such as:

  • Automated external defibrillators (AEDs)
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Equipment breakdown, including computers, boilers, and electrical equipment
  • Indirect loss, including coverage for a crisis event, communicable disease and contaminated food
  • Key person replacement expenses
  • Newly acquired or constructed property
  • Ordinance or law — when building updates are required by ordinance following a covered loss

Additional Property Coverage

We want you to be prepared for every eventuality possible, so 
we’ve developed optional coverages for additional circumstances that could impact your 

  • Crime coverage — for losses resulting from theft, employee dishonesty, computer fraud, forgery, and alteration
  • Green upgrade coverage — pays to upgrade to more energy efficient and environmentally friendly building elements and appliances in the event of a covered loss
  • Inland marine — covers property in transit or in your temporary possession, including unique types of property and possessions of artistic merit
  • Limited flood coverage — limited building and personal property coverage when loss or damage is a direct result of flood
  • Time element coverage — extra expenses and business income coverage to help continue operation and lost business income in the event of a loss such as a fire

Liability Coverage

You excel at taking care of others. Make sure you take care of yourself, too. Our general liability coverage is designed to protect you, your organization and your staff so you can continue to provide the critical care your residents need. Our general liability coverage includes:

  • Covered expenses resulting from a crisis event that occurs during sponsored activities
  • Counseling services performed by a psychologist, counselor, or social worker
  • Legal liability of your organization for bodily injury or property damage arising out of your premises or operations
  • Personal and advertising injury liability, such as libel and slander
  • Spiritual counseling

Medical expense coverage, regardless of fault

Care providers like you and your staff face complex challenges. As we have partnered with senior living communities over the last 30 years, we’ve realized the need for additional coverage based on some of those needs and concerns. Some of the optional coverages we have developed include:

  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Non-Owned and Hired Auto Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability

Additional Coverage

Every senior living community faces different issues and challenges. We offer a number of additional liability endorsements so that you can tailor your policy to your specific needs. 

  • Business Auto
  • Liability Umbrella Coverage
  • Cyber Liability (NOT available in Hawaii, Iowa, or New York)

We also offer group life and employee benefits specially designed for senior living communities and home care providers.

G3 Construction

We’ll be there when you need to rebuild — literally.

When property damage strikes, you can rely on us to get you back on your feet. Our construction company, G3, understands how critical it is for your residents to have a safe home and a sense of community and consistency. They’ll help you rebuild with speed, quality craftsmanship, and values you can trust.

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Due to applicable state laws, certain coverages may not be available in your state. Please contact your GuideOne Insurance agent for coverage availability.