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Save time with virtual claim inspections.

GuideOne’s new relationship with Livegenic offers the ability to virtually inspect claims for policyholders in all of the core niches. Livegenic allows GuideOne policyholders can use real-time photo and video collaboration, guided self-service and field resource management tools to ease and expedite the claim inspection process.

Livegenic features:

  • You can communication via video, text messages and email, with options to submit your photos and documents or do a live video collaboration with your adjuster
  • Livegenic shortens the claim processing cycle considerably because you don’t have to wait for an adjuster to physically meet you and when a claim is approved, we can issue a check in 1-2 business days versus the standard 10-14 business days
  • Livegenic is best suited for smaller-scale claims (including small interior and exterior losses, theft losses, water losses, fire losses with no or limited structural damage, and vehicle damage that does not impact the structural integrity of the building)


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