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Safety & Workplace Wellness

Mitigating risk and addressing problems before they escalate.

Everyone should be able to go to school or work without the fear of being bullied or subjected to violent or inappropriate behavior. But sometimes it's hard to report concerns, especially if you're worried about retaliation or ostracization from your peers. That's why GuideOne partnered with STOPit Solutions™ — a leader in developing safe, secure technology that allows individuals to anonymously report safety, misconduct or compliance concerns to help others.  

STOPit helps you mitigate risk and protect the physical, social and emotional well-being of your students, employees and community with tools that empower individuals to report incidents and allow administrators to directly follow up with questions or requests for additional information. And with a content library filled with resources about social and emotional support, STOPit makes it easy to get help to those in need.

GuideOne policyholders can access the program at a reduced rate.


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