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Sewer Lines Unplugged

According to a recent Fox News article, clogs and backups in sewer systems are becoming more of a problem throughout the nation. Some bathroom wipes that are marketed as “flushable” have been found to be a large contributor to the problem. Also to blame are paper towels, feminine products and baby wipes. These products are not meant to be flushed, and often plug up sewer lines. As a result, millions of dollars are spent to send crews to unclog or replace pipes and upgrade machinery. For example the city of Vancouver spent more than $1 million over the past five years to address such issues.

Plugged up sewer lines are also a potential problem for churches. To protect your church from pipe damage and monetary consequences, it is important to take action to try and prevent the issue. Consider the following:

  • Highlight the issue to all members of your church.
  • Include notices or signs in your facility to advise members that the only item, besides the obvious, that is okay to flush down the toilet is toilet paper. Everything else should go in the trash.

By taking the necessary precautions, your church could reduce the risk of sewer clogs or backups. This is an important consideration as there are significant financial consequences that could arise from these problems.

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