Collins Bus Corporation

Working together to provide safe solutions for traveling

GuideOne Insurance and Collins Bus Corporation have teamed up to offer GuideOne Insurance policyholders a safe traveling alternative to 15-passenger vans. Collins Bus, also known as the nation's "Small School Bus Company," is the country's premier niche provider of small buses.

Collins has been in business for more than thirty-five years. The company was established when Don Collins, Sr., while working for a Kansas school bus dealer, saw a need for a smaller bus to help serve rural communities in the Kansas-area school district.

Buy, Lease, and Sell Options for GuideOne Policyholders

The options described below are available for GuideOne policyholders.

  • Purchasing new vehicles GuideOne policyholders can purchase a Collins 14-passenger bus starting at approximately $30,000. The bus has met all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.
  • Selling current 15-passenger vans A trade-in may be possible. Discuss trade-in options with a dealer.
  • Leasing a vehicle You can discuss leasing or financing a bus through Collins Bus Corporation relationship with

Who to Contact

Call Collins toll-free number below for GuideOne agents and policyholders, and indicate that you are a GuideOne policyholder to qualify:

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