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Safety Resources

We’ve been insuring community organizations for more than 70 years, which means we’ve picked up valuable information about helping you protect yourself, your organization and the people who depend on it. Our resource center includes a wealth of materials featuring safety and security knowledge from our experts and the industry leaders we work with. 

To get started, first choose your preferred way of learning, then select from a variety of topics designed to help make your organization more secure.


Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures

You may be wondering what your organization can do to prevent sexual harassment. Now is a necessary time to review your policies and procedu...

Managing Fundraising Risk

Created for GuideOne by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center    FACTS ABOUT FUNDRAISING Nonprofit missions often depend on succes...

Get Nit Picky & Know the Facts About Head Lice

A Head’s Up About Lice New school supplies, friends and the excitement to start another school year are back in the air. So is the pote...

Let's Talk about Mental Health

Mental health’s growing presence in the world makes it more than a hashtag or something you read about in the news or see on television. E...

How to Save a Life: AED

Cardiac arrest accounts for approximately 890 deaths per day in the United States with most of these deaths occurring outside of a hospital....

Keep Your Cyberspace Safe

Navigating the ever-changing world of technology can be daunting. Products, platforms, tools and upgrades seem to roll out daily, throwing a...

Social Media Policy Must-Haves Part 1: Brainstorming

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. With a social media presence, you can engage stakeholders, connect with your community, gain ...

Social Media Policy Must-Haves Part 2: Drafting Your Policy

The first step in developing a social media policy is to map out your strategy for usage, content and access. That information will make ...

Heat Stroke vs. Heat Exhaustion: What's the Difference?

Summer months bring extreme temperatures, and the sweltering temps bring a higher risk of heat-related illnesses. To avoid heat-related i...

Your Go-To Guide For Writing a Winning Nonprofit Grant Proposal

In this previously recorded webinar, you will learn some handy tips and tricks on how to write a winning nonprofit grant proposal. 

Keeping Your Head Above the Water: A Guide to Safe Swimming

While cooling off and splashing around leads to laughs and memories, swimming is also extremely dangerous. Every day, approximately 10 peopl...

Beat the Heat at Your Summer Events

As summer sets in, outdoor activities and events become a natural part of your organization’s programming. Although summer may be the be...

Why Maintenance Matters

It’s easy to overlook property maintenance for a number of reasons, including busy schedules and tight budgets. But it can also happen jus...

Take the Safe Road

One of the greatest and more devastating risks that organizations face today is the operation of vehicles for business and events. Your scho...

Food for Thought: How to Avoid Choking Risks

Children under the age of 5 have airways that are about the size of their pinky finger, making choking a leading cause of injury and death a...

Hurricane Go Bag Essentials

Hurricane season is underway and will last until November 30. Many organizations already have an action plan prepared for emergency evacuati...

5 Steps to Hurricane Preparedness

The time of year when hurricanes are most likely to make landfall has arrived, running from June through November. Having a plan is one of t...

5 Tips for Safer Cookouts

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 16,000 people on average are sent to the emergency room each year from grill-r...