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Safety Resources

We’ve been insuring community organizations for more than 70 years, which means we’ve picked up valuable information about helping you protect yourself, your organization and the people who depend on it. Our resource center includes a wealth of materials featuring safety and security knowledge from our experts and the industry leaders we work with. 

To get started, first choose your preferred way of learning, then select from a variety of topics designed to help make your organization more secure.


Child Safety E-Book

A comprehensive guide to creating safe spaces for children and youth.

Electrical Safety E-Book

How to protect your organization from electrical hazards.

Fire Safety For Community Organizations

How to protect your organization from fire hazards.

Kitchen and Food Safety

Tips for reducing food-related risks.

Prevent Crime and Violence at School

Security, prevention and preparation techniques for K-12 schools.

Preventing Crime and Violence

From physical violence to cyber crimes: A comprehensive safety guide for churches.

Religious Expression and Your Church

A practical guide to protect your ministry.