Can the Coronavirus Infect My Computer?

The worldwide spread of the coronavirus is being used by cybercriminals as leverage to entice people to click on links, open malicious attachments or give out confidential information. Be alert to anything related to the coronavirus: emails, attachments, social media, texts, etc. Some of the common types of messaging being used by cybercriminals include:

  • Checking an updated coronavirus map in your city
  • Coronavirus infection warning from your local school district
  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or World Health Organization (WHO) emails or social media content about coronavirus
  • Keeping your children safe from coronavirus

As always, whenever there is a worldwide news event, there will be many scams trying to take advantage of the situation. Be wary of unsolicited messages and don’t click any links. 

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Jeremy Miller

Jeremy Miller

Information Security Analyst

Jeremy Miller worked in the mortgage insurance industry for 15 years, prior to joining GuideOne in 2017. With his experience in analytics, loss prevention, process improvements and training, he is a valuable asset to GuideOne’s IT department. He now focuses on compliance, security awareness and service delivery.

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