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Get to Know GuideOne

Connecting who we are and what we do to our vision for an ever-changing world.

The GuideOne team is a welcoming and diverse group of individuals working across the U.S. to deliver on the promise we originally made to our customers back in 1947: to protect them from risk so they can prosper and make positive change possible. It’s hard work, but it’s definitely worth it — especially when we see the impact we’re making in our community and in our customers’ communities!

Inspired by progressive leadership and innovative thinking, GuideOne is an employer of choice that overcomes the traditional stereotypes of the insurance industry. As the idea of when and where we work continues to evolve, our desire to be nimble and creative enables us to embrace a remote and hybrid workforce while maintaining a unified, collaborative team. We welcome challenge as an opportunity to take risks so we can deliver the best solutions for our customers.

Our Values

For us, company values are more than words we care about, they define who we are. You’re the right fit for GuideOne if you describe yourself as:

  • Nimble — you're quick to take on new opportunities that benefit the company, your team and your customers;
  • Reliable — no matter the challenge, you always deliver on your promise;
  • Fun — you work hard, and you play hard;
  • Passionate — you have a relentless drive to accomplish your goals;
  • Courageous — you do what is right, not what is easy; and
  • Creative — you use your professional experience and personal knowledge to envision the future, anticipate change, capitalize on opportunities and develop innovative solutions.

Our Culture

We’re here to shape things our way, not to be shaped by others. You can see this reflected in our company culture. When you join GuideOne, we’ll encourage and expect you to bring your authentic self to work and speak your mind, and you’ll be rewarded for your performance and outcomes, not for doing things the way they’ve always been done. You’ll have a unique opportunity to develop both personally and professionally at every stage of your career and will be celebrated for your contributions and accomplishments along the way!

Our Impact

What matters to our employees and customers matters to us, so we’re proud to offer several ways to get involved with the causes and communities that you care about the most. From volunteering to our annual charitable giving campaign and community drives for those in need, there are many options available for you to participate and give back.

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