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My Account New Registration and Troubleshooting

Use this information for help registering your GuideOne account as a new online user and to troubleshoot problems in viewing or updating your account.

Registering and Logging On 


Making Updates


Registering Your Account

You will need to register with GuideOne Insurance to view your account detail and make payments online. Log on from the home page or your agent’s website, click the New User link, and complete the required Policy Information and Profile Information (explained below).

Policy Information

Refer to the latest Declaration (DEC) page from your policy for the detail you need to complete the Policy Information screen.

  1. Select the Policy TypeNote: You only need to enter information for one policy. When you are registered, after you log on, information on all  your policies will display.
  2. Enter your policy number with NO dashes.
  3. Enter your agent’s five-digit number with NO dashes.
  4. Click the Confirm Policy Information button.

The next screen will tell you that your data has been confirmed and direct you to complete your Profile information.

New Account Profile Information

  1. Enter a User ID. Your User ID can be composed of alpha and/or numeric characters. Pick a combination that cannot be easily replicated. If the User ID you enter is already in use, you will be prompted to enter another one.
  2. Enter your email address twice. This is the address where your initial password will be sent, so you are asked to enter it twice to verify the accuracy of your entry.
  3. Enter your first and last name. Use your own name to register. We can accommodate multiple logons for each customer. However, remember that for security reasons you should limit the number of users who can access your information.
  4. Select a Hint question.
  5. Enter your Hint answer twice.
  6. If you would like to receive emails from GuideOne, select the check box.
  7. Click the Create Account button.

You will get a confirmation window that your account has been created and a temporary password will be sent to the email address you provided.

Troubleshooting: You Did Not Receive a Temporary Password.  

First Time Log On

When you receive your temporary password email, go to the home page of or your agent’s website; and log on using your User ID and the temporary password. You will then be asked to establish your own unique password.

  • On the Change Password window, enter your new password, and then enter it again in the confirmation field.
  • Click the Change Password button. You will be returned to the home page.

You Did Not Receive a Temporary Password

If you have registered and have not received a temporary password within 30 minutes, try to register a second time. If you still cannot activate your account, please contact your agent for assistance.

Cannot log on

Try to log on to another website that you frequently use to determine if the issue is a system problem. If it is a system issue, wait 30 minutes, and try to log on again. If you are still unsuccessful, please complete the Contact Us form on your agent’s website.

Forgot password or password does not work

In the My Account box from the home page or your agent’s website, click the Forgot Password link. Then follow the online directions to request that a new temporary password be sent to you. You will need your User ID.

Forgot User ID

In the My Account box from the GuideOne home page or your agent’s website, click the Forgot User ID link.

  • In the Enter Email Address dialog box, enter your email address; and then click the Find Account button.
  • In the Enter Hint Information dialog box, enter the answer to your hint question; and then click the Submit button.

The system will display a dialog with your User ID and a link for you to log on.

Viewing Your Account

After you have logged on to your account, you will have access to view your policy billing, and claim information, if applicable. Note: Changes or payments at GuideOne Insurance that have not yet been processed may not be reflected.

  • Personal Lines policies: you will have access to details on your GuideOne Insurance auto and homeowners policies. You will also have billing information on GuideOne auto, home, personal excess liability, and dwelling fire policies.
  • Commercial Lines policies: You will have access to billing information on your commercial package, business auto, workers’ compensation, and umbrella policies.

Information Does Not Display

Below are some of the most common circumstances where policy information may not display.

  • If you are on Internet Explorer (IE 10 and above), in the browser, click the “Compatibility” icon, or access your account using Chrome or Firefox.
  • Pop-up blockers may prevent policy and billing data from displaying. If you are experiencing problems, please turn off any pop-up blockers you have installed and try again. Remember to turn your pop-up blocker back on when you finish viewing your policy information.
  • The problem you are encountering may be due to a temporary server problem. Please wait 30 minutes, and then try again.
  • Your policy information will not display with WebTV since Adobe Reader is required.

Incorrect Account Information Displays

If you think your information is incorrect or the policy is shown as canceled, and you did not want to cancel your policy, please contact your agent directly or complete the Contact Us form on your agent’s website.

Keeping Your Information Secure

The following are just a few of the things you can to do ensure that your personal information is secure:

  • Always log off from your account when you are done. (You will be automatically logged off after a period of inactivity.)
  • Never reveal your password or User ID to anyone.
  • Although we can accommodate multiple logons for each customer, limit the number of users who can access your information.
  • Do NOT write down your password or User ID anywhere that it could be found and used by others.
  • Change your password regularly. See Making Updates below. 

Making Updates

Updating your Profile and Password

To notify us of changes to your profile information, including email address and password changes, follow these directions:

    1. Log on using your User ID and current password, and then click the Update Profile link.
    2. Complete all information fields, including the changes you want to make.
    3. Type your password twice.
    4. Click the Update Profile button.

Note: To keep your information secure, we recommend changing your password regularly.

Canceling Your Registration

Your registration will cancel automatically if you do not use it for 180 days. To cancel sooner, complete the Contact Us form on your agent’s website.