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Property Sensors - Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any costs to the insured for the detectors?

No! Each qualifying church is given two detectors free of charge, and there are no monthly operating costs from Roost or GuideOne.

Do the detectors need to be plugged in?

No. The detectors run on two AA batteries. 

What if I'm not a very "techy" person?

No worries! The Roost detectors come with a Quick Start Guide and complete in-app instructions, or you can view step-by-step instruction in our short how-to video. Still need help? Roost is available for technical support if you do happen to run into any issues at

How does Roost provide technical support?

Roost provides many support options: 

  • A website with a 24/7 online self-service help center:
  • Email support from 8:00 a.m. –  9:00 p.m. ET:
  • Phone support from 8:00 a.m. –  9:00 p.m. ET, Monday-Friday: 888-446-1365
  • Additionally, you can schedule a call back from Roost Support at 

What if I need more than two detectors?

You can purchase additional detectors at 20% off the original retail price of $49.99 at

Where should the detectors be placed?

We recommend placing the detectors in the following locations:

  • In a bathroom
  • Near a floor drain or near a sump pump
  • In a utility room on an exterior wall
  • In the attic, if water lines and mechanical equipment are present
  • Near a water supply line in the kitchen or on an exterior wall

How will this impact my insurance with GuideOne?

It won’t! The device and its data will have no impact on your coverage or premium. The Roost detectors are simply to help reduce future claims.

What can you tell me about the security and privacy of my data?

The integrity and security of data is one of Roost’s, and our, highest priorities. As a result, Roost uses a secure SSL/TLS tunnel to protect all communication with 256-bit encryption. This is the same standard used by the banking industry. All communication between Roost’s app, Roost devices and the Roost cloud platform is encrypted at this level to ensure your data is kept secure.

The Roost devices connect to my Wi-Fi, so how secure are they?

The Roost devices and the Roost cloud have been designed to minimize the possibility of a malicious attack on your Roost device or Wi-Fi system. We know no system is “un-hackable,” however there is not a way for an outside source (including Roost) to initiate contact with a Roost device that is on your Wi-Fi network. The Roost cloud cannot “ping” or contact Roost devices.

Additionally, the Roost devices only connect to the internet for a few seconds each day for check-in or alarm notifications, so malicious sources would have a hard time using the device to gain access to your Wi-Fi network, even if they could initiate contact.