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Logos & Usage Guide

Using the GuideOne logo.

Members of the media and GuideOne partners are able to use the GuideOne logo for journalistic purposes and certain pre-approved publications, such as cooperative, co-branded advertising efforts. Find the logo that fits your needs below. Before using any logo in publication, please refer to our document on GuideOne Logo Usage (PDF). By downloading an image from this page, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • Only members of the media may download a single copy of these image files to include with news items related to GuideOne. All other uses are prohibited, without the permission of GuideOne Insurance.
  • All logos and graphics using the GuideOne name are the intellectual property of and/or federally registered trademarks/service marks owned by GuideOne Mutual Insurance Company and its affiliated organizations.

GuideOne Corporate Logo Formats


Color  |  Black & White


Color  |  Black & White