Nursery, Daycare, and Playground Safety


Q. If your church is considering starting a daycare or is currently operating one:

A. It's a good idea to speak with an attorney about the pros and cons of forming a separate legal entity, check into applicable state and local licensing/certification requirements, and make sure that your church's insurance agent is aware of the daycare.

Q. Training should be developed for staff on which of the following topics?

A. Emergency preparedness and disaster response, accident and incident reporting, and first Aid and CPR.

Q. True or False, workers who are minors should always be supervised by adults.

A. True

Q. An example of a higher risk activity in which increased supervision is appropriate is:

A. Playground time.

Q. True or False, where possible, it's preferable to have one adult rather than two supervise child care programs or activities.

A. False

Q. One way to enhance facility safety is to:

A. Control access with a staffed greeting station, make sure that a staff member can see who is entering and exiting the child care area, and install a video camera monitoring system.

Q. One example discussed in the video of a check-in and check-out procedure to improve security of the children's area is:

A. A "child check" system.

Q. True or False, in designing child care rooms, increasing visibility through the use of glass windows or panels is a positive step because it decreases opportunities for isolation.

A. True

Q. At a minimum, how often should a room or area in the church used for child care be inspected for hazards:

A. Weekly

Q. A changing table for infants should have:

A. A safety belt or strap, built-in drawers or shelves for convenient storage of diapers, and a protective barrier on all four sides to prevent rolling.

Q. Toys should be:

A. Checked to make sure that moving parts are securely attached and cleaned regularly to keep them sanitary.

Q. In the church nursery setting, medications should:

A. Only be given by the child's parents.

Q. In the church daycare setting, medications should:

A. Be stored in their original containers with accompanying physician instructions, only be dispensed by staff with training, and only be dispensed with written permission from the child's parent or guardian.

Q. True or False, nearly 70% of all playground injuries happen when a child falls.

A. True

Q. Which of the following is an appropriate playground surface material selection?

A. 9"-12" of wood chips, mulch, sand or pea gravel.

Q. True or False, The protective surface of the playground should extend at least six feet out in all directions from the play equipment and, for swings, should extend in front and in back twice the height of the bar on which the swings are suspended.

A. True

Q. In inspecting the playground equipment for hazards:

A. Make sure there are no openings on the equipment that measure between 3.5 and 9 inches, and make sure there are no sharp points, corners, or edges, and make sure all S-hooks are squeezed closed and are in good condition.