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Concussion Management Plan Checklist

Pre-Season To-dos

  • Develop policies and protocols to protect athletes
    • All participants will undergo baseline testing
    • Medical staff will have unchallengeable authority to determine removal and return-to-play of injured participants
    • Leave of absence guidelines for participants recovering from injury
  • Develop processes for Return to Play and Return to Learn
    • Suspected injured athletes can only return with medical clearance
    • Policies, procedures and resources  should be developed to return injured students to the classroom
  • Educate coaches, parents and athletes
    • Documented training of coaches and other athletic staff on the symptoms and treatment of concussions
    • Documented education for participants and/or parents regarding the nature and risks of concussions and the importance of reporting signs and symptoms to medical staff
  • Conduct annual baseline testing prior to participation

In-Season To-dos

  • Remove all athletes when concussion is suspected
    • Athletes’ symptoms will be compared to baseline testing
    • Athletes with suspected head injuries will not participate for at least the remainder of the day
  • Assure appropriate medical treatment
    • Any participant who is suspected of a head injury must receive medical clearance
    • Team medical staff must be trained in proper treatment of suspected head injuries



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