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Keeping Members Safe and Reducing Liabilities in Church Gyms

Does your church have a gymnasium in which members play basketball, volleyball or participate in other fitness activities? While providing such a facility to members is great, churches must consider the related risks and take the necessary precautions to keep members safe and reduce liabilities. Consider the following:

  • Doctor Check-up – Have a statement urging all participants to be evaluated by a physician before beginning any exercise program.

  • Regulate Activities – You may want to limit gym use to organized church activities only, eliminating public pick-up games.

  • Rules of Conduct – Establish rules of conduct and/or play. Considerations include footwear, attire and conduct. Distribute these rules to players and post them at the facility.

  • Church Representative – Designate a church member to be present at each activity. This representative is responsible for ensuring rules of conduct and/or play are followed, deterring injury- or damage-producing incidents, responding to emergency situations, and facility shut-down and lock-up.

  • Train Church Representatives – Train church members to respond to and report injuries.

  • Usage Agreement for Outside Groups – If you allow outside groups to use the gym, develop a facility usage agreement with hold harmless language. Also, require a certificate of insurance with the church added as an additional insured.

  • Allowing Minors – Establish a minimum age limit, if minors are allowed to use the gymnasium. Also, require a parental consent/release form, parental consent to treatment and adult supervision.

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