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Spring Flooding: Are You Ready?

As winter is coming to an end, many areas of the country will face the risk of spring flooding. Between heavy rains, severe weather and rapid snowmelt, these conditions will only increase the threat of your building being damaged by flooding. By becoming educated and taking steps to protect your organization, you can be more prepared in the event of a flood.

While you may not have experienced a flood in the past, everyone is at risk for spring flooding. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), about 20 percent of flood insurance claims occur in moderate-to-low-risk zones. Regardless of where your organization is located, consider the following steps to better prepare for flooding and reduce risk:

  • Create and practice a flood evacuation plan;
  • Build an emergency kit;
  • Move important papers and valuables to a safe, dry location;
  • Strengthen and secure your building; and
  • Review your insurance coverage.

In the unfortunate event your organization does suffer from a flood, remain on higher ground and only return to the building when authorities indicate it is safe to do so. Floods pose many potential physical hazards. Upon returning to your facility, check for damage, remove any wet contents to prevent molding, and begin planning for repairs.

Warmer weather is approaching quickly. Now is the time to begin preparing for floods and taking steps to protect your organization. For more information on preparing and responding to floods, visit

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