2020 Industry Trends: Claims

Insurance Industry Claims Trends

The claims experience has transformed a considerable amount over the last few decades. What used to take days to weeks to process can now be done in as little as a few hours — and with significantly less paper. As we head into a new decade, we see even more ways the claims experience is evolving to streamline processing and give customers the experience they desire. These are three trends we see changing the way we handle claims in 2020.

New Methods of Communication

How we communicate is changing. We’ve noticed, for example, that small business owners want to do it online with instant response. This means alternative channels like live chat, email and text are becoming a part of the industry. A phone call is no longer the only way to get immediate assistance.

More Efficient Processing

Claims processing is evolving. The implementation of software and applications has enabled us to process small claims under $10,000 in hours, whereas 20 years ago it would have taken a few business days. Companies who can innovate will find that new processing methods and systems are more effective and cost less in the end.

Technology Aided Decision Making

Artificial intelligence and geospatial imagery can provide visuals of roofs and property, which can lead to better, faster and more efficient underwriting decisions and virtual adjuster experiences. Carriers holding on to old ways of evaluation risk losing money.

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Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson

Senior Vice President & Chief Claims Officer

Brian is responsible for the comprehensive management of claims policies, guidelines and governance, and for maintaining a superior customer service culture. Prior to joining the GuideOne team in 2017, Brian served as Associate Vice President of Claims, Commercial Claim Director – Workers’ Compensation and Large Loss Casualty Liability Manager at Nationwide Agribusiness. Prior to that, he held various roles with Travelers Insurance. Brian received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Northern Iowa and his Master of Business Administration from Drake University. He has obtained several designations and certifications, including Charter Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and Associate in Claims (AIC).

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