Cybercriminals LOVE Your Small Business

Here's how you can stop them 

Times sure are different. Remember when the biggest security threat to a small business was a robbery? You took security measures to prevent break-ins and physical theft by implementing locks, cameras and alarm systems.

While that’s certainly smart to do, there’s a quickly evolving security threat you need to take action against: cyberattacks


Cybercrime by the Numbers

Types of Cyberattacks

Those statistics are scary, especially if you think about them in terms of your own business. Even scarier? The ever-growing variety of methods cyber criminals use to compromise your network and data. Here are some common ones:

  • Computer attack
  • Cyber extortion
  • Data compromise
  • Identity theft

The Big Picture

To further illustrate the severity of cybercrimes, Hartford Steam Boiler put together examples of different cyberattacks and their potential costs to your business.

Computer Attack/Data Compromise

An employee installed peer-to-peer file sharing software on a company computer. Identity thieves manipulated the software to access client records. After consulting with an attorney, the insured learned that he was obligated to notify his clients of the breach.

Total Cost of Computer System Remediation and Data Breach Notification: $70,000

Cyber Extortion

While trying to balance the books, a business owner received a strange pop-up on his laptop. A ransomware virus locked the system until an extortion demand of $600 was paid. After consulting with the insurance carrier, the insured decided to pay the demand to unlock the system.

Total Cost of Extortion and System Remediation: $2,400

Data Compromise

A burglar broke into an accountant’s office and stole a computer with clients’ tax records. The insured’s clients were in four states, and he needed assistance in meeting the various state law notification requirements. Clients were urged to contact their banks and place fraud alerts on their credit files.

Total Cost of notification and Services: $28,000

Insurance Coverage Matters

The smartest way to protect your business from these stressful, costly claims is by investing in cyber insurance coverage. While there are many different types of cyber insurance on the market, GuideOne offers a comprehensive solution for small businesses, Cyber Suite Coverage. Designed with you in mind, Cyber Suite provides comprehensive coverage in one package. Here’s a sampling of what’s included:

  • Data Compromise Response Expense Coverage
  • Computer Attack Coverage
  • Cyber Extortion Coverage
  • Data Compromise Liability Coverage
  • Network Security Liability Coverage
  • Identity Recovery Coverage
  • Access to TechQ, a complimentary diagnostics service
  • Access to eRiskHub®, a risk management portal

Be sure to ask your agent about the importance of cyber insurance. To learn more, contact us anytime.

For a complete statement of terms, conditions, coverages and exclusions, please see the policy contract. Claims examples are for illustration purposes only. Do no reproduce or post online, in whole or in part, without written permission.

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