Fire Prevention Week: What You Need to Know

Fire Prevention Week

National Fire Prevention Week is October 4-10, 2020. Losses caused by fire can be devastating to any organization. Between your facility, personal property and monetary items, many assets are at risk for fire damage. To assist your organization in taking steps to prevent such a loss, GuideOne has developed an e-book, Fire Safety for Community Organizations, focused on reducing the risk of fire at your facility.

Topics covered in this e-book include:

  • Arson Prevention – Learn about why organizations are vulnerable, how you can reduce the risk of arson, what general precautions you can take to protect your facility and view an arson prevention checklist.
  • Electrical: Fuses Understand the different types of fuses used in your building, safety precautions to follow, and be informed on electrical inspections. 
  • Electrical: Common Hazards – There are many electrical hazards that can be easy to identify and control.
  • Electrical: Temporary Wiring – Many organizations use extension cords, power strips and adapters for their electrical needs.
  • Commercial Kitchen Fire Safety – To ensure safe practices in your kitchen, make sure your organization is educated on fryers and grills, hood and ventilation systems, automatic extinguishing systems and fire extinguishers.
  • Sprinkler Systems – Many buildings already have a sprinkler system in place, but it is important to understand proper inspection and servicing practices, as well as maintaining sprinkler heads.

Regardless of the cause, fires are unpredictable and at times, catastrophic. By taking adequate preventative measures, however, your organization can minimize the risk of facing such a loss. Use this e-book to help your organization create a fire prevention program. 

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Brian Gleason

Brian Gleason

Senior Risk Manager

GuideOne Author Brian Gleason

Brian Gleason is a Senior Risk Manager at GuideOne Insurance, providing resources and consulting services to GuideOne clients. His goal is to keep his clients' valuable resources focused on their mission.

Prior to his career at GuideOne, Brian spent 20 years in risk management, disaster preparedness, and occupational health and safety for a university in southern California. He has responded to a wide variety of crises including earthquakes, building floods, bomb threats, and chemical spills. He has his MBA and is a Certified School Risk Manager with years of experience consulting with churches and non-profits in insurance, enterprise risk management, human resources issues, and emergency management.

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