Tips for Preventing Restaurant Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), nearly 8,000 restaurant establishments report a fire each year, causing an annual average of $246 million in direct property damage.    With multiple ovens, grills, hobs and fryers, fire is a real hazard in a restaurant. 

3 Things You Can Do to Prevent Restaurant Fires

  1. Keep kitchen equipment clean. The build-up of grease can be a primary contributor to many kitchen fires.

  2. Provide ongoing training to staff on equipment care and fire prevention.

  3. Install and maintain smoke alarms, sprinkler systems and ensure fire extinguishers are conveniently located throughout the kitchen. Be sure your fuel shut offs for your grills and deep fryers are easily accessible and marked.
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Brian Gleason

Brian Gleason

Senior Risk Manager

Brian Gleason is a Senior Risk Manager at GuideOne Insurance, providing resources and consulting services to GuideOne clients. His goal is to keep his clients' valuable resources focused on their mission.

Prior to his career at GuideOne, Brian spent 20 years in risk management, disaster preparedness, and occupational health and safety for a university in southern California. He has responded to a wide variety of crises including earthquakes, building floods, bomb threats, and chemical spills. He has his MBA and is a Certified School Risk Manager with years of experience consulting with churches and non-profits in insurance, enterprise risk management, human resources issues, and emergency management.

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