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Church Benefit Plans

Reward your employees and recruit top talent with an employee benefits insurance package.

Employees are critical to the success of your church and its ministry. The best way to recognize the value of your staff, strengthen their loyalty and enhance performance is by offering an excellent employee benefits insurance package.  

A quality benefits package provides incentive to your employees and demonstrates your organization’s commitment to its people. Employee benefits can also minimize costly turnover and help recruit new employees. Compared to all other church insurance companies, GuideOne agents are able to provide the most comprehensive package of employee benefits through a network of providers.

Retirement Savings Plans

Similar to a 401(k) plan, a 403(b) retirement savings plan lets employees of nonprofit organizations set aside a portion of their salary pre-tax. It is simple to administer, and there are little or no upfront costs to your organization. Also, employees can choose from a wide portfolio of financial products to fund their 403(b) retirement savings plan.

Group Life Insurance

Employers have a wide variety of optional plan designs to customize a Group Life plan. Optional coverages include Voluntary Life insurance, Supplemental Life coverage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment policies, and Dependent Life insurance (availability depends upon group size and state of issue). The premium paid for Group Life is generally a business deduction, and this stand-alone contract is usually less expensive than the life coverage provided with medical insurance.

Group Short Term Disability

Short Term Disability (STD) protection is designed to replace a portion of the wages lost when a short term disability occurs. An affordable, flexible STD plan can provide needed benefits to both the employer and employee.

Group Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability (LTD) protection is designed to help cover the employee’s expenses while their regular income is interrupted for an extended period of time. Flexible plan design options and benefit alternatives are available to meet specific needs. This valuable protection is available with low-cost, tax-deductible premiums.

Group Dental Plan

A Group Dental plan offers employees the freedom to select the provider of their choice. Dental coverage is a great way to supplement an employee benefits package and enhance morale. A comprehensive Group Dental plan can be tailored with options to fit your organization’s budget.

Group Vision Plan

A Group Vision plan is inexpensive to offer, yet it’s extremely popular with employees. With the unique dual choice plan, employees and family members are not locked into using the network to receive benefits. Employees can opt for the greatest savings by choosing from one of the more than 7,000 network providers. 

The coverages on this page are offered through an insurance company represented by CGA Insurance Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of GuideOne Insurance.

This information is only a general description of the available coverages and is not a contract. In an effort to keep your policy coverages affordable, the actual policy contains certain limitations and exclusions. Please refer to your insurance policy for the pertinent contract language and coverages. Some coverages or discounts are not available in all states.