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Avoid Water Damage From Floods This Spring Season

Spring is quickly arriving, which leads to heavy rain and rapid snow melt. These conditions oftentimes bring flooding to our local communities. Floods serve as the most common hazard in the U.S., as they can affect any area of the country. To see that your building and possessions are protected from spring flooding, consider the following preventative measures:

  • Safeguard your possessions. Important papers and valuables should be moved to a safe, dry place. The best way to protect these items is to create a personal flood file using a safe deposit box or waterproof container. Be sure to include items such as a copy of your insurance policies, critical documents and a facility inventory, a written and visual record of major items and valuables within your facility.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts. Gutters and downspouts help prevent water from seeping into the soil adjacent to the foundation of your building. Proper maintenance will lessen the likelihood of basement flooding and uphold their durability. Inspect gutters and downspouts several times per year and check for debris or blockage that may prevent the flow of water.
  • Arrange basement to anticipate flooding. At times, flooding may be unavoidable. Make sure you arrange your basement to see that your possessions are not damaged. This includes moving valuable items to shelves off the floor and removing important documents from the basement. Additionally, you may want to consider flooring that is not susceptible to water damage, such as ceramic tile.

Beyond preparing your facility and possessions, also be sure to create a flood evacuation plan. Identify safe routes that will direct any church visitors to higher ground.

While the temperature may be rising, ensure your organization is prepared for a potential flood. Water damage can be destructive to your building and cause negative effects on your ministry. Find more water damage and flood prevention tips on SafeChurch.

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