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New Driver Screening & Selection

Although your organization’s purpose statement might not describe it, you are – at some level – in the transportation business. Whethe...

Considerations for a Post-Pandemic Nonprofit Industry

Understanding these emerging trends may help NPHS organizations align their resources to be better equipped for continuing their missions in...

Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention

Why thieves are after this auto part — and what you can do to stop them.

Dangerous Habits to Kick

Distracted driving comes in many forms. Texting and driving is the most obvious distraction – and the most dangerous – but even seemingl...

Eliminate Distracted Driving

A church leader has many responsibilities, one of which is keeping congregation members safe during church activities. As not all of these a...

Tire Safety with 15-Passenger Vans

With summer now in full swing, for many organizations, this means it’s time to start preparing transportation for summer camps, youth gr...

Transportation Safety: Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

Winter driving can lead to hazardous road conditions and it is vital to make sure your vehicle is adequately maintained for these conditio...

Transportation Safety: Vehicle Self-Inspection Checklist

Prior to your next church-sponsored trip, be sure to check the following areas to help ensure vehicle transportation safety: Before Sta...

Enhance the Safety of Your Multi-Passenger Van

Many organizations own and regularly utilize multi-passenger vans. While they may seem like a viable transportation method, these vehicles c...

Transportation Resources – Schools

Key transportation safety resources to assist you. Use these resources to develop a transportation safety plan for your organization.�...