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Cybersecurity Tips to Keep your Organization’s Data Safe

As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in our professional and personal lives, so do cyber threats. Consider the following tips to pro...

What You Need to Know About Supporting Scout Troops

Since the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for bankruptcy protection in 2020, resulting from numerous claims alleging abuse, religious orga...

Considerations for Protecting Your Personnel During a Pandemic

As we navigate our new "normal" in the midst of COVID-19, our Senior Risk Manager shares workplace illness prevention tips.

Let's Talk about Mental Health

Mental health’s growing presence in the world makes it more than a hashtag, something you read about in the news or see on television. ...

Emergency Shelters

Several factors need to be reviewed before transforming an organization’s facilities into an emergency shelter.

2020 Industry Trends: Legal Landscape

As an organization’s challenges and goals evolve, associated legal implications also change. Companies cannot afford to overlook any p...

Workers' Compensation Recordkeeping

Businesses are required to keep two types of workers’ compensation (WC) records. The first is required by approved State Occupational Safe...

Collecting Drug Test Samples

Drug tests can be conducted on the following samples: urine, saliva, sweat and hair. Detection times vary depending on many factors, includi...

Essential Elements Of A Drug-Testing Program

An effective drug-testing program consists of two key elements: (1) a general understanding of illicit drug use and the primary regulation t...

Employer Drug Testing: An Overview

It’s no secret that the use of alcohol and illicit drugs can impair a person’s judgment, dexterity and overall safety. What is shocking ...